Entry #9

I'm Working For Real This time

2014-10-13 21:29:44 by feircedeity64

Hey errybody, formalities aside, I'm going to provide you with an update.


Remember when I said I was working? That was, like, a half truth. I've been doing a bit of work on current projects here and there, but 

  1. I've been busy with my band, and other musical endeavors
  2. I've been doing things for friends and family
  3. Lost a friend, as well as a family member, recently. That's never easy. 
  4. I'm a huge procastinator, and really addicted to Reddit and 4chan. Help.

I'm not putting this here becuase I want you to sympathise with why I haven't been creating anything, but rather, I want you to know what's been going on in my life making it difficult to do so. 


Regardless, I still just want to make cartoons that you all can love (or mildly hate, you can do that too). I plan on releasing a new cartoon by the end of October or halfway through November. For real this time. 





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